Best 5 Android Apps to Manage Finance Effectively

People always like to maintain a tight grip on their finances and for this logging on to the banking site through browser can be a lot cumbersome. But with android devices, managing accounts has become a lot easy. With the use of applications available on android device, you can update your account statements immediately giving you clarity of what all you possess and will also let you know your capability of spending money. Different kinds of software are available in the market which has been designed for convenience of the users to help them manage their finance effectively.


Top 5 Android Apps for Managing Finance

Here are the top 5 applications that can be used to manage finance directly from your Android Smartphone.


It is one of the most popular financial software apps which are available on Android devices.  This application supports multi account usage, which means user can sync in his different accounts in a single app and manage all of them from a single place. With this app you can also set your budgets according to the finance available. It also supports GPS allowing you to tag the transitions and also enables you to sync Google docs along with the transaction. For users who like the application, they can donate to the developer. This application is available for free in the market and can be used on Android 1.5 and devices having version above than this.


This application can be used for various purposes like for online purchase, transferring money abroad or to make a transaction for your current account. Paypal is one of the flexible apps which help you manage your account effectively. You can transfer money to and fro, check balance, and also manage deposits and withdrawal with the help of the app. Different kinds of tools have been inbuilt within the app, which includes calculator for doing minor calculations, feature of bump wherein phones can be bumped into each other for transfer of money. The application of Paypal has proved to be more successful and useful for the users in comparison to the web version. The application is available for free and can be used by android 1.6 and above users.

It is a free service which is available only to the residents in US and Canada. This application syncs in with your bank account and downloads the transaction on its own depending on the date and time when it happens. With this application user need not have to do the transaction manually. Different accounts can be set up, and the app categorizes transaction and produces statements of spending and revenue.


This is one of the most perfect applications which manage other things on your device along with the finances. This application allows you to manage several accounts from one place and also allows the user to set reminders for bill payments. This is not all; the app can also check amount of investments, other accounts and also the amount of phone usage in terms of calls and also data usage. Application has an easy to use interface which gives user the convenience of using it freely. This app is available for free but pro edition of the app is paid and is available for USD 12.99

Expense Manager

This application is quite simple and easy to use, but it contains various useful features within itself which includes maintaining track of income and expense of the person. Such reports can be generated weekly, monthly, quarterly or on yearly basis. Expenditure or income charts can also be extracted from this application which can be categorised on the basis of products, month etc. Reminders for payment of bills can also be set up on this application.

Final Words

The above mentioned applications can be used by android users to manage their finance from their Android devices. For downloading the app, user can access Google play store and then follow simple instructions from the screen to understand the process of downloading, installation and how to use the app. So what are you waiting for, get started, and choose an application for managing your bank accounts effectively.

Uses of Spam Blocking Software

With the evolution of technology, the new found nemesis like Spyware and spam has made life miserable for Internet enthusiast. Spam is an unwanted email or advertisement which may ask for reader to click. Any offer or advertisement coming from a mailing list that you have not signed for can be a spam. Spams could contain spyware or malware which may impact your system performance or leak important information.


Threat of Spam on Emails

Emails are the most vulnerable soft targets for spams. Once you provide your email ID to any public domain, spammers see this as a prized possession. Once they have your email, it is like opening a flood gates to hundreds of spam messages. The more spam or junk you accept, the more comes in.

Need of Spam Blocking Software

One of the main problems that spam can do to your email server is clogging it up with thousands of useless emails. With this your host server will no longer be able to handle the capacity allocated. This can be a serious problem when you are running a business and waiting for crucial emails in pipeline. You need spam filtering software to update your server on emails to block and route the other junk folder where they get deleted instantly. A spam filtering service allows you to have control over emails. There are various problems with spam like system hanging, email clients crashing, malware, unwanted pop ups etc. Your Hard disk looks like a zoo of spam and becomes vulnerable to security breach. Instead of reading mail, you spend more time deleting the spam filled emails.

How to Stop Spam

  • Spam Filters: The simple filters will use the keywords that are there in the subject line to filter out the spam. These filters identify spam on the basis of pattern of words using the email content.
  • Spam IP address: Many organizations give a list of IP addresses which spammers use. Spammers use server machines to send emails to different IP addresses. So there are many spam IP addresses which could be detected. One such list of collection of IP address is SpamCop Blocking list (SCBL) which keeps IP addresses that have been reported for sending spam emails.
  • Notice Warning Signals: Never click on emails about which you are never sure about the sender. Most spam mails are sent between midnight and 4 am. So you need to look at the time stamp before opening the emails. Also these emails prompt you to open a link or attachment, do not click or open them as it may contain harmful viruses.
  • Report Spam: It is important to keep reporting spam emails. This helps your email messenger to keep blocking such fraud emails in near future.
  • Guard Your Privacy: Never provide your personal details, bank account details or any other information over emails. You can also avoid providing email to public forum.
  • Use Spam Blocking Tools: Most email services have spam blocking services which help in blocking the spam mails. Microsoft outlook email client has its own spam blocking tools. Even anti-virus companies like McAfee and Avast have developed ways to detect and delete spams.

Emails are important part for both professional and personal use. Spam blocking software plays an essential role of providing defense that your system needs to protect itself from plethora of problems associated with junk emails. The problem of spam emails is constantly growing with more than 90% of world’s email traffic is associated with junk and spams. In such situations, Spam blocking software become a common sight and necessary defense against virulent digital evil.

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